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General information

Website/site: The domain and all of its subdomains, through which users can purchase the products and services that are being offered.

User: Any individual or legal entity accessing the, website, regardless of reason and scope. The user undertakes to access and use the site for purposes and means that are not abusive.

Campaign: the action to display for the purpose of promotion, a finite number of goods and/or services, for a limited period of time, determined by the 2050 HEALTH GmbH.

Terms of site use

  • The information published on the website is information of general interest about the products which the company markets, as well as other information deemed to be of interest to users;
  • All information is made available to users free of charge;
  • Personal data is used only for the purpose of processing orders, for delivery to the consumer and for marketing purposes. The data will not be submitted to a third party and will not be used for purposes other than those declared;

Information regarding products

  • All products displayed on this site are for presentation purposes and may be marketed on request. The products are new and will be accompanied by the tax invoice, as required by the law in force;
  • The products displayed on the site may be ordered within the stock limit by an express request to 2050 HEALTH GmbH, via the contact or offer request form, or using the contact page data;
  • Each product displayed on the site contains images, descriptions, and prices. There is a possibility that the images presented do not match the product due to the differences between the different brands and types of devices used for viewing a product. We do not take responsibility for any differences between the colour displayed by your monitor screen and the colour of the actual product;
  • We guarantee the authenticity of all traded products as specified on the site.

Information concerning the provided services

  • All services displayed on this site will be accompanied by a contract and an invoice upon purchase.

Contact information

  • Accessing the site, using the information presented within it, visiting the pages or sending out emails or notices addressed to is made electronically, by telephone, or any other means of communication available to the User, and is deemed to consent to the receipt of notifications from electronically and/or via telephone, including communication via email, or through ads on the site. We can be reached at the following phone number +49 (0)1520 718 00 00, email address
  • 2050 HEALTH GmbH reserves the right not to respond to all requests of any kind received through any means of communication (electronic, telephone, etc.);

Disputes and final provisions

  • The company 2050 HEALTH reserves the right to fill and modify any information on the site without prior notice;
  • The company 2050 HEALTH shall not be liable for damages incurred as a result of the failure of the website;
  • The entire content of the website (images, texts, animations, or any other data) is protected under the Copyright and Intellectual and Industrial Property Law. Use of any of the items listed above without a written permission from 2050 HEALTH GmbH is punishable under law in force;
  • Any dispute between the user and 2050 HEALTH will be settled amicably. The local competent court shall settle any disputes which fail to be resolved amicably.